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Prayer Requests

If you have something on your heart, or need prayer assistance, our Prayer Warriors are standing by! Follow the link below & leave any information you would like, we will get back with you asap.

Online Giving

Our church is proud to announce that we are now able to accept online giving donations. To learn more ways you can help LCAG, please visit our Online Giving page. If you are interested in online tithing or making a donation to LCAG, please click the link below!


Lansing Calvary believes that we are called to impact the world for Jesus.  This is why outreach is important to our church.  

If you are interested in outreach, please check our events page.   If you would like additional information please email Pastor Kelly at


Lansing Calvary would like you to know that you are always welcome at our church.  If you looking for a church to visit or somewhere to attend we'd love to meet you. 


The only thing we ask is that you come as you are.  We do not have a dress code or requirements to attend.  God's kingdom is not based on clothes or material things.  Its based on relationship.  


God wants a relationship with you.  He wants to be the centerpiece of your life.  The centerpiece is what everything else is built upon. 

We hope to see you soon.  God bless.  

Pastor Preaching

Lansing Calvary Assembly of God is a spirit filled and spirit led multicultural church.  Our mission to fulfill the Great Commission.  We believe that God has called all of us to advance the Kingdom of God.  We all are ambassadors of Christ and have a role in advancing the Kingdom.   

Food Packing

Our church is affiliated with the Assemblies of God District. We believe in the "Four Core Beliefs"; Salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Divine Healing and the Second Coming of Christ. For more information on our core beliefs, click the link below.

church service

We are open!  Adult Sunday School begins at 10 am.  Sunday Service begins at 11 am.  If you unable to attend in person join us live on our Facebook page.  You can also listen to us on You Tube.   For more information regarding our online sermons or services we will be having click on the link below.


To find out more information on how you can help our church & community, click the link below!

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